The Shri Ram School

Shri Shikshaks

A Shri Educator or Shri Shikshak is a facilitator who draws forth the potential that already exists in a child and is waiting to be recognised and polished. They work towards creating an impactful learning environment that stimulates young minds into higher order thinking skills and to enable them to learn to value strategic, ethical and moral reasoning, perseverance as well as creativity, thus preparing them for success in an ever-changing world.

A Shri Educator embodies knowledge, articulation, and courtesy, demonstrating expertise in their field and a commitment to continuous improvement. They prioritize academic and emotional intelligence while staying updated on worldwide trends in education.

They internalise the core values of the school and reinforce them in class while teaching and in other interactions either academically or individually. A Shri Educator is open to pushing boundaries of comfort to enable learning and welcomes healthy, honest feedback as an opportunity to smoothen the wrinkles if any. They would like to be perfect but is human enough to recognize that perfection is not always possible and hence willing to learn from mistakes to enhance their skills as a facilitator.

The Shri Educator is a friend, mentor and guide, dedicated to meeting the children’s intellectual and emotional needs both in and outside the classroom.

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