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Dear Fellow Alumni,

On behalf of the nearly 4,500+ alumni of this great institution, it is my pleasure and honour to introduce myself as the President of The Shri Ram School Alumni Society. The association exists wholly and solely to help our alumni and, by extension, TSRS itself succeed.

The world and our lives are getting more complicated with every passing day. We get involved with our families and work, and suddenly, we’ve lost touch with those outside our “close circle.” The TSRS Alumni Society can help you stay connected to those friends and to the vast resources available here, from the faculty that taught and guided you to our classrooms, libraries, sports fields and courts and through social media and an extraordinary variety of events which we plan with you in mind. They are all designed to support you as you pursue your post-academic life and career.

The TSRS alumni family is huge. There are TSRS Alumni settled/working/studying in different parts of the world.  The alumni events, regional networking get-togethers, on-campus activities and sporting events, career advisory services, and social media resources available through the Alumni Society are all designed to help you be as connected and successful as you can possibly be. After all, your success is our success.

At the same time, I challenge you to think of ways you can give back to The Shri Ram School to whatever degree you are comfortable. And I do not mean just monetarily, though that is, of course, always welcome. There are many ways to give back, from career and academic mentoring to volunteering time at on and off-campus events to simply attending networking and social events. And let’s not forget sports. Rooting for your House in whatever sports appeal to you is always a fun and exciting time and a great way to connect and reconnect with old friends. As you will find, giving back has another benefit: it feels good.

I request and urge you to stay connected and help us update our database with updated details of yourself and your fellow alumni friends. Please click here to register yourself as a Lifetime Member of the TSRS Alumni Society. If you are already a registered alum, please do send your updated contact details (in case of any changes in the past) to

With warmest regard,

Kshitij Gangwal
The Shri Ram School Alumni Society 

Alumni Board Composition

Kshitij Gangwal
(Batch of 2001, Moulsari)

Vasu Sharma
(Batch of 2008, Aravali)

Harveen Rekhi
(Batch of 2004, Moulsari)

Sahil Marwah
(Batch of 2002, Moulsari)

Anirudh Gupta
(Batch of 2002, Moulsari)
Board Member

Amrit Singh Chopra
(Batch of 2005, Aravali)
Board Member

Janhavi Navlakha Jain
(Batch of 2008, Moulsari)
Board Member

Asees Kaur Chadha
(Batch of 2009, Aravali)
Board Member

Keshav Anand
(Batch of 2011, Aravali)
Board Member

Vikrant Kumar
(Batch of 2013, Aravali)
Board Member

Virat Mohan
(Batch of 2003, Moulsari)
Ex-Officio Member

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