The Shri Ram School

Mission & Values

Mission Statement

The mission of The Shri Ram School is to provide each student with a diverse education in a safe, supportive environment that promotes sound values, self-discipline, motivation and excellence in learning. The school joins with parents and the community to assist the students in developing skills to become independent, self-sufficient adults who will succeed and contribute responsibly to a global community.

School Philosophy

The motto of The Shri Ram School is “Vidya Dadaati Vinayam” – from knowledge comes humility.

The Shri Ram Schools are progressive, secular, child-centred, inclusive, co-educational private learning institutions, committed to providing quality education for all their students. The philosophy rests on the interpretation of ‘education’ as drawing forth – unveiling or unearthing what already exists within. The Shri Ram Schools instil and nurture well-formed minds and provide an environment that is conducive for independent thinking.
The cornerstone of the school’s philosophy is the belief in every child, manifested in a school calendar encompassing the academic and the co-curricular, offering opportunities for fostering diverse interests.

School Values

Our values are at the heart of our teaching practices, and serve as the guiding principles for the ethical standards we foster in our children. Each individual at TSRS embraces these values, internalizing them to shape their thoughts and actions.


Valuing and embracing differences, respecting nature and environment, and upholding the rights of all individuals.


Consistently exhibiting trustworthiness and courage in all endeavours, while ensuring fairness in all interactions and holding time and diligent effort in high esteem.

Pride in One's Heritage

Possessing knowledge about the cultural heritage of one’s country and expressing appreciation for its finest traditions while maintaining a progressive and forward-thinking outlook coupled with a strong sense of social responsibility.

Pursuit of Excellence

Being part of an educational journey that fosters creativity, innovation and collaboration, and striving to create and promote excellence in all endeavours.
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