The Shri Ram School

Career Guidance

The Career Counselling Centre (CCC), established in 2015, uses a structured curriculum through Grades 9 to 12. It supports students with diverse needs including children from economically weaker sections and those with disability. The CCC uses a transformative process that enables individuals to gain self-awareness and insights into both themselves and the professional realm. It assists in making informed decisions regarding careers, education and life paths. Students are assigned counsellors who are happy to guide and solve queries whether it involves the course selection in school or the way forward leading to the transition into college.

The CCC supports the student body in the following manner:

  • Helps students in discovering themselves and their unique interests through regular group sessions and one-on-one meetings.

  • Helps design a unique educational pathway for an individual that enables them to choose the best-fit courses and colleges.

  • Provides guidance on resume building, application form filling and understanding the nuances of writing effective College Essays and Personal Statements.

  • The school is a college board test centre and administers the SAT, PSAT. It is also an Oxford Test Centre.

  • The CCC organises regular university visits and college fairs that provide extensive and tailored information and answers queries that students may have.

  • Uses the alumni database and invites alumni for conversations that support students in career – course – college selection journey.

  • Provides regular admission updates to support students when they are applying to colleges in India.

You can view the school profiles for our campuses at the following links:
1. Moulsari campus
2. Aravali campus

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